Reunion of Polytechnic Students

Reunion of Polytechnic Students at SRIST - 2024

Welcome back, dear alumni! The much-anticipated reunion of Polytechnic Students (SVGI Group) at Shree Ramkrishna Institute of Science and Technology (SRIST) is in full swing.


  • Heartfelt Reunions: Laughter, hugs, and shared memories fill the air as old friends and classmates come together once again.
  • Campus Revival: Alumni wander the familiar halls, revisiting classrooms, labs, and hangout spots, reliving the essence of their polytechnic days.
  • Nostalgic Reminiscence: Stories of yesteryears echo as alumni swap tales of academic adventures, pranks, and life-changing experiences at SRIST.
  • Alumni Talks: Engaging discussions led by distinguished alumni and faculty members offer insights into career paths, industry trends, and the value of polytechnic education.
  • Cultural Fusion: The evening comes alive with cultural performances, showcasing the diverse talents and traditions that make up the SRIST community.

As the event unfolds, bonds strengthen, friendships deepen, and a sense of pride in being part of the SRIST family reignites.

Stay Connected:

Though the reunion may soon draw to a close, the connections made and memories shared will endure. Stay connected with the SRIST alumni network for future events, collaborations, and opportunities to keep the spirit of reunion alive.

Here’s to the unforgettable moments and everlasting bonds forged at the Reunion of Polytechnic Students at SRIST – 2024!

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